Feta PDO

Our history guarantees, that basic rules for the production of Feta PDO are met. It's part of our cultural heritage, which must be protected and promoted, in any legitimate way. Feta is an important part of the Greek's diet, as every one of us consumes more than 10 pounds a year, which does not happen with any other cheese in the world. Recognized by the European Union as a traditional Greek product of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO).

The strict application of legislative requirements is a precondition for continued protection from the European Union.

Prepared and matured solely in legislative geographical area, constituted by Thrace, Macedonia, Epirus, Thessaly, Central Greece, the Peloponnese and the prefecture of Lesbos, from raw sheep's milk or a mixture of a goat, in proportion up to 30%, produced by breeds, reared traditionally in the above areas and whose diet is based on natural flora.


  • Manufacture is prohibited outside of the regulated geographical area.
  • Manufacture is prohibited inside the regulated geographical area, from sheep's and goat milk that is not produced in it.
  • Manufacture is prohibited from other types of milk, except sheep's and goat milk.
  • Addition of cow's milk, condensed milk, milk powder, milk proteins and caseinates, to milk in the process of cheese-making is prohibited.
  • Use of antibiotics, preservatives and dyes in all stages of manufacture, is prohibited.