In the group of dairy products are milk, yogurt and cheeses, which possess exquisite place in our daily diet and are an important part of the Mediterranean Diatrofis. Milk and yogurt are considered complete food because they provide all three macronutrients : protein , carbohydrates and fat , while cheese provides protein and fat such as meat, besides providing macronutrients and number of vitamins and minerals.

Specifically, milk has high biological value proteins that contribute to the development and tissue remodeling, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D ( fat-soluble vitamin ) that are essential for the structure and development of bone and form a shield against osteoporosis , vitamins A, E, K ( fat soluble vitamins) and vitamins B. Specifically , vitamin A contributes to the satisfactory functioning of the immune system, vitamin E has antioxidant , vitamin K participates in blood clotting and B vitamins promote the proper functioning of the nervous system and mental health.

Yogurt also contains suchnutrients as in milk , but because it is in concentrated form contains more protein and calcium. Also contains lactobacilli that enhance the intestinal microflora and act against the development of pathogenic microorganisms and infections in appearance . It also contains probiotics that help to improve bowel function . Finally, yoghurt in comparison with milk is better absorbed by the body ( 93% ) and is better tolerated in people with lactose intolerance , as it contains less amount of lactose.

Cheeses are also very good source of high quality protein , calcium, phosphorus and other vitamins mentioned above for yogurt and milk. The difference lies in the fact that it can contain more fat. Hard cheese compared to soft cheeses containing fat but offer more and more calcium. Also to mention that the cheese contains less amount of lactose compared to milk. Specifically , soft cheeses containing 50 % less volume compared to milk and hard cheeses have even less amount of lactose.

The quantity is recommended to consume 2-3 servings of dairy products a day, depending on the phase of development, pregnant or breastfeeding or after menopause. Preferred low-fat milk for people who have high cholesterol, diseased cardiovascular diseases that follow diet plan for weight loss. It is important to mention that dairy products promote the maintenance of a healthy weight and help in weight loss because they contain calcium , which creates insoluble salts with dietary fat, and not letting it be absorbed entirely and thus excreted in the faeces.

The milk and yogurt can be a good intermediate meal or a light snack at work or in the evening if combined with cereals, bread sticks , crackers , fruit or nuts. The yogurt may also be used as a sauce / dressing and replace other fat mayonnaise or dressings . In addition , milk and yogurt contribute to daily fluid intake and hydration because of the water they contain. On the other hand, the cheese can be eaten as a snack - intermediate meal with bread, breadsticks , crackers or toast but to accompany and one salad, to serve as a full meal.

In conclusion , we say yes to the daily consumption of dairy products because they contribute to health promotion , offering a wide variety of nutrients !

In conclusion, I should note that we choose Greek products from producers that work with standard hygiene , such as cheese companies Kingdom .




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